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Macaulay Gidado is all about doing business with ease. We are about making it easier for entrepreneurs to do what they love.

The way we approach business is changing. Technology is rapidly evolving and has become a vital aspect of doing business. Small and medium businesses now have the opportunity to match or even outpace the efficiency and agility of larger companies. It is in fact through information technology that Amazon grew to become the global e-commerce giant it is today.

The problem is that many entrepreneurs don’t possess the skill set required to efficiently integrate IT into their operations. Many more are not even aware of the numerous biz-focused technologies available in the market today.

According to Business studies by SMB Group and AT&T, respectively,


About 80% of small businesses are still using a manual integration tool.

Around 66% of small businesses would fail without technology.

Then according to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. This suggests that for a business to stay afloat and maintain a competitive edge in this tech age, IT integration is essential. That fact is obvious in these tech integration reports from CNBC and Microsoft, respectively:

Mobile apps save small company employees 727 million work hours per year.

Cloud solutions minimize small company workload by at least 42%.

How Macaulay Gidado Can Help Your Business

Macaulay Gidado understands how hard it can be to successfully build a business in this IT age. In fact, in places like Africa, building a business is even more challenging. This is because technology use there is minimal compared to the Western and European regions of the world.

Thus, our goal is to provide solutions and informative resources necessary to birth, grow, and sustain businesses, especially in Africa. We are dedicated to helping small and medium businesses discover and utilize technology wisely and more productively. Our goal is to offer them a support system.

We want to provide them a shared resource that will help them build and take their businesses to the next level. We want to help launch the next startup giant. Therefore, wherever you are in the business development process, we will use today’s technology to help you achieve your goals. 




A children’s ride service helping busy Nigerian parents get their children from Point A to Point B within Abuja. Macaulay Gidado helped SchoolRunna kick start their business online.


Helot Company helps property owners make the most of their real estate investments using technology and digital trends. Not only did Macaulay Gidado help Helot set up online; but we also helped them build their products from start to finish.


TSK Homes is improving the lives and physical and emotional wellbeing of elderly and disabled people in Washington DC. Our web presence package at Macaulay Gidado helped the company build and grow its online presence.


Docklad Professional Staffing Services is bridging the gap between IT professionals and corporate organizations in need of IT support. The company leveraged our web presence package to set up online.


A brand owned by Luxuria Ventures, 50 Delights Gifts & More is all about endless ripples; about winning hearts with thoughtful gifts. Macaulay Gidado's web presence package helped Luxuria Ventures build the online presence for this brand at lightning speed.


LSK African is the One-Stop African Retail Store for Made-in-Africa Products. Having helped set up the e-store, Macaulay Gidado is constantly working hand-in-hand with LSK Africa to improve their online presence.

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