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Add a Course on Acada

Note that you need to be on a plan to be able to add a course and depending on your plan you may be required to make payment before adding a course.

  1. Navigate to “Add Course” under your Organization or use the “+” icon under the courses section of your Organization home page.
  2. Provide the course details.
  • Learning platform is the platform through which the class will hold such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Whatsapp, etc
  • Provide a detailed and precise course description. Explain what the course is about and why students should enroll in the course


  1. Specify payment details, toggle the button if it is a paid course, and enter the amount. Note that you must complete your payment settings before you can charge for a course.
  2. Specify the start and end date and time for the course.
  3. Upload a cover image.
  4. Add instructors to the course. You can add yourself or add other instructors that you have already invited to your organization. Check the “Add an Instructor” article for guides on how to add an instructor
  5. Compose an onboarding message that will automatically get sent to students who have paid and enrolled for your course. The onboarding message should include further instructions on how the student can join the course.

There you go! Your course has been successfully added to your organization.


Acada Team


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