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Creating an Acada account

To create an Acada account on, you need to sign up with your email address. With this account, you can: Follow these steps to create your account

Things to Consider When Hiring a Foreign Freelancer

So you found this awesome freelancer online. They are everything. They have the experience and are cheap. And the difference in time zones means they can help you execute tasks even when your local employees are sleeping.

What Makes Up a Successful Web Presence?

To understand the question, you first need to understand what web presence actually means. This isn’t the time to go consulting Wikipedia because, for some absurd reason, they have the definition of web presence backwards on the site.

Employee Retention: Happy Employees Are Good for Business

People are the engine that powers businesses. Of course, this isn’t breaking news. The problem is that we all talk about it more often than we show it. Anyway, “people”, in this case, can be your employees or customers.

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Your Copywriting Fees

Surfing through Fiverr the other day looking for logo design gigs, a $5 blog writing gig caught my attention. I couldn’t believe it. As I curiously opened the gig, the one thought zipping around in my head was...

Seven Reasons to Move Team Communication to Slack

Slack ranks among the hottest next-generation communication and collaboration tools out there. You can most certainly say that the mission of the people behind the app is to change the way people communicate at work. It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you work in.

Do You Know How to Setup an Email Alias on Your G Suite Email?

An email alias is basically an alternative email address (whether already assigned to a mailbox or not) that you can use to send out or reply to emails via your mail mailbox. Last time, I talked about how to configure catch-all routing on G Suite.

Do You Know How to Configure Catch-All Routing on G Suite?

Well, I will show you how. First, let’s talk about what catch-all routing is and why you need it. A catch-all, also called a wild-card email address, refers to your chosen G Suite mailbox for catching all emails sent

Mistakes Businesses Make When Setting Up a Website

Okay, I’m not going to drone about the usual stuff you are likely to find online when you Google this topic. You know, points like “failing to customize your theme”, “forgetting to make your business site responsive”

Domain Name 101 for Business Men and Women

Are you thinking of setting up a website or landing page for your business? Among the first set of things you need to do is register a domain name for your business.

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

More than 50% of young people want to become an entrepreneur. That’s according a 2015 survey by EY. Many other researches by various other bodies like UPS also support this data.

Eight Things To Consider Before Building Your Website

In this digital age, there are a lot of individuals and businesses on the Internet offering services for building your website. For someone new to the idea of setting up a website, the sheer number of available options can be confusing.

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