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Expertise Demystified: How to Become an Expert

Expertise doesn’t happen overnight. While it’s possible for a talk, course, content, or project you gave or created to go viral overnight, that doesn’t make you an expert. Expertise is not about giving talks, creating content, writing a book, or building a brand.

Eight Benefits of Professional Web Design

Quality web design is the building block of great websites and is thus an invaluable investment for any company looking to establish its online presence.

Six Tips for Increasing Your Business’ Operational Efficiency

Any businessperson who wants his or her business to remain competitive among its peers has to channel a lot of efforts into improving its operational efficiency. This is especially true for small and midsize businesses, considering their limited resources.

Ten Social Media Marketing Rules Every Business Needs to Adopt

Experts have said it time and time again that in this digital age social media marketing is a vital aspect of marketing for businesses. The question is: why are many businesses not seeing tangible results in spite of their efforts to elevate their customer base and maximize sales through social media marketing?

Ten Pitfalls of Starting an Online Business

Thousands of people launch their businesses every day. Unfortunately, many of them have little or no idea of what to expect and they end up falling into the same pitfalls that brought down a lot of start-up companies in the past

Why You Need a Landing Page for Your Business

A Landing page is simply a web page for capturing the information of visitors that land on the page. It typically does this through a conversion form, also known as a lead-capture form.

Why Businesses Need to Start with an MVP

Every successful business started somewhere. In fact, most started small. Think Twitter, Airbnb, Foursquare, and so on. When these businesses were launched, they weren’t as grand or multi-featured as they are today. They all started with a minimum viable product (MVP) and then grew gradually from there.

Five Powerful Tips That Will Help You Generate Sales Leads Online

With many businesspeople desperate to grow their companies on the internet, the number of options for generating leads and sales online has escalated. Worse, most of them amount to nothing. Of course, there is no one proper way to generate leads and sales online.

Inspire Yourself to Business Success with These Ten Quotes From Legendary Athletes

Business is never easy. There are ups and downs along the way, and many entrepreneurs fail simply because they gave up at a difficult moment. To see yours through, you need a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration, and it doesn’t matter where you get them.

People Are What Matters Most in Business

What’s the most important aspect of a business?

No doubt, some people might say the product. Some others might say money. And there are even those that might say the manufacturing process.

Granted. These are all important aspects of doing business, but then they would all crumble without people.

Eight Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out

With the number of blogs crowding the internet, it can be difficult to find your footing, much less stand out, in the content marketing world. However, with a simple set of rules, you can get your content to hover confidently above seventy-five percent of the multitude.

Five Legendary Entrepreneurs that Found Success Later in Life

Recent trends and reports show that millennials don't start new businesses as their baby boomer counterparts. This trend makes it seem as though starting a business at a young age is a prerequisite for success. But that’s not true.